Thursday, November 29, 2012

DIY Faux Fur Boot Cuffs


Lucy & Ethel were definite trendsetters in Paris & this is by far, one of my favorite episodes:)  I love Lucy's pouty lips and aloof expression as she struts down the avenue with her new hat aka horse feed bag!  And Ethel's ruffled potato sack and champagne bucket hat are priceless!

So, one of the trends appearing all over are boots with fur cuffs- they've been growing on me, alas the price tags are not (especially for something so permanent)...

...enter DIY faux fur cuffs!

These were fun & relatively quick- I say relatively as it will depend on the faux fur you choose.  Something closer to a shearling won't fray much- my fur was molting quite badly thus I added some extra hand stitching so I wouldn't leave a trail wherever I walked!

I loosely followed this tutorial with, of course, a few tweaks & added the hemming with bias tape step from this tutorial:)
  • I didn't have any freezer paper for tracing my pattern so I used wax paper (not ideal!).
  • I hand sewed the hems (lengthwise) on each cuff due to the molting factor- really glad I took the time!

As usual, I was working on this at night while watching a Christmas movie, hence my tired & messy hand stitching- it won't show though, so no matter.  I didn't even have appropriate bias/hem tape on hand- oh well.  No one will know...except you:)

And here they are!  My DIY faux fur boot cuffs, transforming a very old & tired pair of boots into something 'new' & 'trendy'!  Too fun!

Let me know if you have any questions & let me know if you try this too:)

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  1. This is ingenious! I love the width of the cuff--very trendy and totally changes the look of the boot.