Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bento Breakfast

I've been following this Mom blog and saw where she did a Bento series about the lunches she created for her young girls and how they loved their Bento boxes...

So after much thought & weighing up the pros & cons & considering my campaign to decrease/not add household plastics...I took the plunge & purchased a few starter pieces to try on my little Ms...

Livy wasn't sure what to think at first...
 ...but she quickly got the hang of it & exuberantly enjoyed each bite of her "toasty":)

And after a quick wash, Livy proceeded to play with her Bento accessories at the table for the next half hour..."Dozzy, Tat, Araffe, Tey Bear..."

By the afternoon, she was requesting that her "cheesy bunnies" be placed in her new "pizzy" for snack time...

...they were a hit!

I'm always looking for fun ways to make meal time more creative and enjoyable, especially while promoting more healthy foods for my little Ms & the Bento box premiere was a great success!

FYI, I got my Bento supplies here:)

Happy muching,


  1. So cute! What a fabulous idea! And Jonah will be right behind her using those things very soon.

  2. He already loves having his toast bites topped with Bento picks and promptly bellows, "Mah" aka "More" as the next one is being delivered!