Friday, February 1, 2013

Buttoned Up Valentine!

It's been a long week as my little Ms and now Ricky & I battle through virus terrain...the really hard part is being sequestered at home...for days...and days...sigh...

So today, I determined that sniffles & coughs would no longer keep us from having some fun...thus we started on Valentine crafts:)

Cut a piece of medium weight wire, long enough to make a heart shape...

For another craft using Wire Works (or alternate wire) check here- this can easily be themed for Valentines too!

                                  ...then choose buttons...                                              

 ...and begin stringing onto the wire...

...shape into a heart & twist the ends, curling down to protect little fingers.

Olivia loved her heart!

Next, attach some ribbon of choice to be hung on a Valentines tree, around a decorative candle, jar, door knob etc...  

Finally, tuck your button heart into a Valentine box for a friend:)

Enjoy & thanks for looking,

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