Thursday, February 7, 2013

WOW Toys

Over the past 6 months, 'Ricky' & I have been making some changes in what our little Ms are exposed to through food, toys, media etc....  It's not that what we were doing was horrendous- we're just getting a vision for something better..."Look out for the super chief, look out for the super chief!"

So I spent some time looking into safer toys.  There is much valid concern/warnings about plastics and since we're in the process of ridding our kitchen of plastics, it only seemed fair to champion my little Ms toys too!  I subscribe to a crunchy Mom blog and saw this post awhile back & specifically looked at this site (fabulous!)...which got me thinking/examining what changes 'Ricky' & I were up to making...

As a result of much consideration/discussion, I've opted to no longer buy plastic toys that aren't on the 'approved list' and to focus on as many wooden toys as possible- wooden toys seem to fare better with Jonah's exuberance:)

Well, imagine my surprise when I spotted a large WOW toys set at Costco!  I was familiar with WOW toys from my time spent in the UK as a child but hadn't noticed any here (they're not at Walmart, Target, Babies R Us etc...), except on line and at Toy Zone... 

Farm Friends 
This mammoth toy set is currently on Amazon for $38.10 & I paid $17.99 at Costco!!!  Hallelujah!!!  I knew it was a great price but didn't realize just how great...until now!

Livy just found this in her closet where I was saving it for a rainy day since they had gifts aplenty at Christmas- I was thinking to save it for Easter but when I stated to Livy, "This is present for later..." she put her head down and began to quietly cry piteous tears and plead, "Mama, I pay toys now!...Peez?"  I buckled.  I find myself having to say no so often that it was wonderful to be able to say yes...and I wanted to see her reaction:)

 She loved them!  It took me almost 20 mins to retrieve these treasures from their secure housing but once freed, Livy began arranging the farm stock and testing the different vehicles, making appropriate sounds:)  And once Jonah awoke from his nap, he made a beeline for the new toys and attached himself to "Bumpety Bump Bernie"- he honestly got the hang of the friction powered motor faster than Livy (Ms Control) who wouldn't allow it to bump along without her pushing it along..."I hep, I hep"!

Conclusion: yes, WOW toys cost a little more than some of the other 'non approved' leading brands but here is why I plan to purchase more:
  • They're PVC, lead, pthalate and fire retardant free, making them harm free for my little Ms:)
  • No batteries required- sold.
  • They encourage sensory stimulation, motor skill development, role playing, social interaction & exploration, to name a few perks:)
  • WOW toys have a great website, outlining their 2 month, 10 step process in designing/creating their products as well as their stand on making their products safe and fun.
  • They've won multiple 'Top Toy' & 'Good Toy' awards and continue to receive awards.
  • WOW toys are designed in London- need I say more?

WOW toys boast themes for the bath, farm, construction sites, fairytale, safari and many more and all sport jolly names like "Poppy's Pony Adventure" & "Tip-It Toby":)

So where can you purchase WOW toys?  Amazon & are options as well as our local Toy Zone... and Costco from time to time!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this encouraged you to champion your own toy chest!

P.S.  All the opinions stated in this post are my own- I wasn't compensated by WOW toys in any way...though I wouldn't mind:)

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