Saturday, February 16, 2013

Piggys & Penguins

So I've been in a mad dash to finish multiple sewing projects, mostly for my little Ms:)  On the docket were some PJ bottoms for Livy.  I ask you, who wouldn't love flannel piggys and penguins to lounge in???  Exactly!

First, the piggys:

These were supposed to be made completely from the red "pizzy" flannel but I cut my pieces early one morning moments after waking up (bad call) and thus made them too small:(  Note to self: never cut fabric/sew before 8am!!!  So, I took the scraps and embellished a pair of red knit yoga bottoms (resale) that I had just picked up.

The original trousers were a bit long so adding the cuffs gave me the perfect foil for adjusting the length & this was my first attempt at making pockets:)

And though these bottoms aren't as full of "pizzys" as intended, little Miss loves them!

Jonah was solving the mysteries of high chair buckles during this sewing escapade...and growing thicker "chops" like his Uncle Alex:)

This pair I'm quite proud of because it's completely re-purposed: these are the 'arms' from a pair of flannel PJs I wore in high school/college!  Since I'm very hot blooded, they didn't get much use, thus these penguin bottoms are almost new!

And using the existing hems with corresponding piping saved a lot of time!  They're a bit short (I knew they would be) but great for home and Livy loves not tripping on them since her "fawcees" aka "trousees" tend to be long due to wearing bigger sizes :)

And here is the master of the house playing in Livy's room with a favorite toy...

not throwing the dots but actually putting them in place, as intended!  Wonders never cease!!!

Neither of these PJ bottoms will win any sewing awards, but they're fulfilling their purpose in providing extra play clothes for Livy and allowing me to practice my new 'skills'!

The budget rundown?
Yoga bottoms: $3
Piggy flannel: approx $0.50
Elastic: had it on hand (approx $0.50)
Total: $4 for everything!

Flannel PJs: FREE
Elastic: had it on hand (approx $0.50)
Total: $0.50 for everything!

So for less than $5, I was able to give Miss Livy 2 new PJ bottoms!  Happy Mama!  And I had enough fabric from the penguin PJ top to make a skirt too, so stay tuned:)

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