Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Vintage Flamestitich Pillow

You may have noticed the bright pillow nestled next to my DIY Limoncello for "Aunt Tole's" birthday...

...that was another part of her handmade birthday gift:)

While shopping for a few items designated for "Aunt Tole's" birthday, Livy spotted this bright purple flamestitch fabric and insisted that we get it for "Aunt Tole"...

...which resulted in some more late night sewing:)

I made a simple 'flap' pillow case.

1. Wash & iron your fabric.
2. Measure your pillow insert.
3. Cut fabric1 inch wider than width of pillow insert and 6 inches longer than twice the length...make sense?

 My pillow form was 18 x 18 = 19 width x 42 length

4. Iron over each short edge (twice) to desired width for enclosed hem and sew- mine were approx 1/2 inch.
5. With RST, measure & pin the flap to correct placement & sew long edges- serge edges, zigzag or use pinking shears (my BFF!) & be sure to clip the corners too!


6. Turn right side out and insert pillow, smoothing the finished flap- done!

Now this "special pillow" for "Aunt Tole" can be washed when needed, ensuring some sweet relaxation:)

Have fun sewing your own "special pillow" for a special someone:)

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