Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Vintage Maternity Dress

When "Ricky" & I discovered that we were expecting Baby M, I opted to try thrifting some pieces to save as much money as possible... of the pieces I found was a lilac chiffon dress, circa 1980:)  In fact, I'm pretty sure Gramma had a dress in this same style about the time I entered the world!

The voluminous style was perfect for Baby M....

...but was missing a button so I changed all 4 from the original... something with more vintage charm aka bling:)

The satin trim on the bodice was the one element that really bugged me... I added some black lace (the most expensive one!) to break up the "Easter egg" appearance- I had to be mindful of not transforming this dress into a lingerie type piece so the right lace was important...ironically costing more than the actual dress!

*I chose black lace since I would be pairing a black tunic camisole & leggings with this sheer sure to consider other necessary garments when designing:)

And finally (after sitting on my sewing pile for way too long) I debuted this piece at church and received a, "Wow, don't you look stunning, Mama!" from a fellow Mom:)

So glad I took a chance on this piece, transforming it into something unique & special:)

Dress- $5.99 (Goodwill)
Lace- $6 (40% off from JoAnn)
Buttons- $3 (50% off from Hobby Lobby)
TOTAL- $14.99

Few things excite me more than a pudding basin filled with sponge trifle right now...but completing this dress came pretty close:)

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