Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Livy's "Special Pillow"

Remember the DIY minky bed rail cover that I made for Livy a few weeks back?

 Well, I had one little piece of the minky lefovert, just enough to make a "special pillow" for Olivia:)

Since this was just barely enough fabric to cover my pillow insert, I sewed velcro tabs along the flap...

...turned it RST and sewed along the edges...


...turned it right side out, inserted the pillow, smoothed the flap...

...and ta da!  Livy has a new "special pillow"!

She's so thrilled as she picked out this fabric remnant and I'm thrilled as we've used every bit of it now- one more piece to Livy's room makeover completed:)

The bed rail cover & pillow case came to a whopping $5:)

Thanks for looking,

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