Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY Minky Bed Rail Cover


When we moved to our new home a month ago, we took the opportunity of transitioning Livy's mattress/box spring into her "big girl" bed frame which is quite high off the ground, resulting in our purchase of a bed rail...


 ...which we found at our favorite resale shop for a great bargain, but it's so ugly!


 Hence, a DIY minky cover!  Livy saw this pink minky in the remnant section at Hobby Lobby & insisted that she needed it & I agreed:)

I simply measured the length of the bed rail & sewed the short ends together (RST), cut curves at the top corners, sewed those up and that was it!  No elastic needed and the bottom didn't even need a hem.

For less than $4 and my first project using a stretch needle, I was pretty chuffed to have this whipped up in 15 mins and Livy loves her new "blanket":)

Next, I'm working on a coverlet and matching set of curtains to update Ms. O's room....

Happy Sunday,

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