Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vintage Wallpaper

"Ricky" & I are so blessed to be in our new home, however we had been in a brand new builder grade home for the past 6 years and our new home is 23 years old & hadn't received much, if any, updating:/

 One of the main eye sores was the 'vintage' wall paper in the kitchen...

 So after convincing "Ricky" that the kitchen needed a DIY intervention, the scouring began (this step made a big difference)!

 And then "Ricky" selflessly steamed (Home Depot rental) & stripped the vestiges of 'vintage' paper off our new walls... reveal this!  
The next weekend, the walls were sanded and now are awaiting some texture, primer & paint which has been put on hold as we tackle having the counters replaced... in the mean time, we've tackled some other vintage remnants like this kitchen fixture.  Not my taste:(

Granddaddy graciously came to help install this while "Ricky" sanded away on the walls- much better for a basic kitchen fixture:)

And now we're awaiting estimates for our new counters & are planning the cabinet makeover:)

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