Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Dress Alteration

I've been getting fall & winter clothes ready for my little Ms, in hopes that cooler temps will be arriving all the sooner:)  Both kids are growing like weeds but Livy just transitioned to the next size...which is great, except that long sleeve shirts and trousers are now drooping on her a bit:/

Enter DIY alterations!

On a long sleeved knit dress, I simply rolled the cuff inside the sleeve to the appropriate place... 

...stitched around, leaving a gap to add some 1/4 inch elastic and sealed everything up!

***Don't forget to use your stretch needle for knits!!!

As you can see, someone wasn't cooperating while trying to take pictures...

...and got a major case of the sillies...

...but hopefully you can see that her sleeves are no longer hanging past her little hands!

This dress is still a smidgeon big so I left a bit of room in the sleeves and made my alterations 'temporary' and easy to undo for when Pnut grows more:)

We were both pretty chuffed and now I just have about another 8 tops to go...and then leggings!

Yeah for free:)

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