Thursday, October 17, 2013

Puddles & Pictures

Last year I made a fall ensemble for <$10 that Livy loved and since I made it a smidgeon big, she was able to wear it again to church this past week!

I picked up some new pink tights (Lands End clearance) and found some gold sequin shoes in our favorite resale shop to update her look...rather like some of those myself:)

She was so happy to play with her "ferris wheel" flower (it spins on the attached snap) and sport her "new pink tights" with her "sparkly shoes"!

It was raining so we ducked outside for just a moment to try and snap a picture, which she didn't mind...

...until she got hit with some sprinkles...

...and then she was ready to go back inside:)

I'm so happy to see this little ensemble, made with much love, getting a bit more use:)  
Thumbs up for learning new skills (still a novice seamstress) & for handmade goodness!

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