Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Model to a T

Back in the fall I made a little ensemble for Livy for under $10 and was quite proud of it, especially it being my first:)  However, the sleeves were a bit long & then by the time I added cuffs, they were way too long!  So it has sat in Livy's dresser...

 And then I finally remembered to shorten the sleeves- this worked like a charm but I didn't like how the new seam looked with the existing top stitching etc... so I added some yellow grosgrain and coordinating hot pink buttons for beautification:)

 I also added the ribbon to the hem of the skirt and around the large flower adorning the shirt...and now I really love it!  And best of all, so does Livy:)

Livy wore this to church and seemed quite pleased with herself and has since taken to bringing me her play scissors and saying, "Cut my dress, Mama" aka 'Make me another dress'!!!

On to the next!

1 comment:

  1. She looks adorable in this! Love the colors, love the details you added, love the custom look!