Friday, January 18, 2013

Vintage Apron

Here's another Christmas gift.  I wanted to make an apron for Leyla...

...and I found this orange print at Creative Sewing Center (LOVE!) & felt it fit the 'orange & vintagey' criteria for Leyla:)

 Next I decided to pair it with this Stampin' Up! print- perfect match!

Here is the apron pocket in progress- love the contrast of the fabrics:)

I followed the Stampin' Up! tutorial for the apron (be sure you're looking at the right one- there is a youth & adult size!) with just a few tweaks, of course:
  • I used ribbon for the belt
  • I didn't scallop the pocket
  • I added extra top stitching
This project is easy to alter so have fun with it- I would recommend enclosing the raw edges which was not specified on the tutorial.

 Here Livy was helping me make some design decisions- no frills & ruffles, since this was for a "no nonsense" girl:)

I did add the Stampin' Up! Chocolate striped ribbon for the waistband & ties and a jumbo button for the finishing touches...and did I bother to take a pic of this project, completed?  Of course not!  I completely forgot as I was rushing to get it wrapped!  Sorry:(  Hopefully you can piece it together with the pics though.

I plan on making another though...and maybe another for me- love aprons!  So many possibilities!

Thanks for looking,

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