Monday, January 7, 2013

A Day Downtown

A few months back, the Ricardos went for a double decker bus tour in downtown SA.  So with Jonah in my lap and Livy with 'Ricky', we set out for adventure!  The tour was fabulous and came with many perks...


  Livy was thrilled to pick leaves from the top branches of trees, while secure in Daddy's lap:)

And Jonah napped while Livy cuddled, enjoying the fresh air:)

 Once we finished the tour, Livy enthusiastically embraced Jonah, thanking him for coming along!

And as we made our way back to the car, Livy began what has since been an almost daily request: "Dayi, I wan ride big buzz wi you!"

Next we made our way to Mad Hatters for a yummy lunch, crowned with a humongous slice of cheesecake...

...that was an obvious favorite with Jonah as he polished off most of it!

This mini vacation day became one of the wonderful highlights for the Ricardos in 2012- can't wait to create more in 2013!  And yes, Livy is still requesting another ride on the "big buzz":)

Enjoy your Monday,

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