Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Great Train Robbery

 One of my all time favorite 'I Love Lucy' episodes, "The Great Train Robbery" was aired on October 31st, 1955.  On December 28th, 2012, 'Ricky' & I trekked to Fort Worth via Amtrak with Granddaddy & our little M's in tow.  And while there wasn't a robbery, it was equally momentous.  

We left our house at 0600...yawn... 

Livy was so excited to be riding a "too too frain" though, didn't mind the early morning departure and once settled in the observation car was pretty happy for the 7 hour duration. 

Unfortunately, Jonah was not feeling well and progressively got worse as we closed in on "Big D".  What we thought was an isolated, minor tummy upset became a full fledged stomach virus...and he's teething.

So after lots of fussing, crying & strolling the aisles with 'Ricky', he finally fell asleep...for an hour:)  Sigh.  We had a lovely visit with friends, despite Jonah's malady and all the fatigue that went with trying to console him in a strange place and set out the next day to return home.  That's right.  Another 7 hours back.

During this leg of the trip, Jonah proceeded to christen 'Ricky' with his stomach contents twice (not including the times he had done so while in Fort Worth!).  So there was 'Ricky', pulling off his shirt in the middle of the train and donning a zipped up sweater when he looked at me and said, "This is it.  I don't have anything else so I may be going home in a wife beater"!

This wasn't the best time to get a fit of the giggles but I couldn't help myself:)  In 'The Great Train Robbery', Fred & Ethel are repeatedly christened with their dinner as they try to eat in the dining car due to Lucy's repeated pulling of the emergency hand brake, bringing the train to a rapid & unexpected halt! 

(sorry for microscopic size pic!)

Ethel sums it up beautifully when she says, ""I hope they don't run out of food before we run out of clothes"!

Our sentiments exactly:)  I'm pleased to report that Jonah is doing much better and that 'Ricky' has officially entered sainthood:)


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