Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reusable Kleenex

With lots of noses being blown & wiped this past week, the Ricardo's wholesale supply of tissues were depleted...and since I didn't fancy a trip to Costco for more potential bugs, I hatched an alternative.

While cleaning out clothes and organizing our closet one evening I found multiple white T-shirts & tank tops of mine that had seen better days & contemplated ditching them but hesitated...surely there was something I could do with them...more cleaning cloths?  Have plenty...and then I remembered seeing something about fabric tissues being gentler on skin vs paper!

So I promptly laid out the clean T-shirts on my cutting mat & with my handy dandy rotary cutter, cut squarish shapes with very little precision- wasn't trying to win any awards here...just clean boogies:)

We've been using these handy dandy reusable tissues for 3 days now & plan to make more!  I so wish I had done this sooner!  When the Ricardos are back to complete health I'll continue to use them to wipe little mouths after eating:)

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  1. What perfect everyday handkerchiefs! This is the type thing that was used regularly before the advent of disposable tissues. They are soooo much kinder to skin. When you think about it, tissues are made of paper (wood) and handkerchiefs are made of fabric (cotton). I'd rather dry my nose with cotton than wood! Well done and great idea!