Saturday, January 5, 2013

DIY Bath Tea Bags

So here is another handmade gift that was included in the Christmas hampers: bath tea bags:)

I got my inspiration from here and then just ad libbed a bit...big surprise:)

First things first, what to use as a pouch- so many options and though I wanted to sew my own, due to time constraints, I opted for the Melitta heat & seal bags (got mine at HEB)- they're disposable (cringe) but also made from unbleached & bio degradable material.

Next I bought some organic hibiscus tea (from here of all places!), Epsom salts that included peppermint essential oil and baking soda (aids with hard water) and mixed it up (approx 1:1 ratio) in a glass bowl- avoid plastic as it absorbs scents.

Why this recipe?

Hibiscus: full of antioxidants, vitamin C and evokes a sense of renewal & pampering.
Peppermint: aids in mental alertness, soothes tired muscles, relieves headaches, nourishes dull skin, improves blood circulation & immunity, just to name a few!

Next I spooned the tea into the bags, folded over and sealed with my handy dandy iron on the cotton setting.  The filled tea bags were piled into an array of glass jars, ready for their recipients!

I attached handmade tags with simple instructions to steep for 5 mins, soak & enjoy!  On Christmas morning, once unwrapped, Mr. "Cue" mentioned he might just try them as they smelled so good:)

Planning on making some for me now and experimenting with different combinations:)

Thanks for looking,


  1. I love the gifts that you made! I want to plan ahead to make more gifts for the holiday season.

  2. Thanks so much, Sara- I had a blast! I'm already planning for next year too- hopefully I won't be assembling Christmas Eve again & have time to snap more pics:)

  3. I've been using my bath tea bags and they are soooo nice. Because of the hibiscus tea, they turn the bathwater a lovely deep, dark purple. Feels extra soothing and luxurious! All natural pampering:)

  4. Oh I'm so glad! Once things settle down, I'm making some for moi!