Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Ensemble for Under $10!

So, I haven't posted much lately and it's not because I've had idle hands, just no time to share!

Here is an ensemble I just completed for Livy; 1/2 yard of fabric, T-shirt and notions and here we go!

First, I made a large flower using 2 hemmed/gathered circles of a fine whale corduroy print that I picked up at Hobby Lobby- fallish without being too pumpkiny:)  I cheated, attached the two pieces with fabric glue.

Next, I tried out a new idea: using a snap to affix the main embellishment for easier washing & versatile wearing- worked like a charm.
NOTE: since the flower is so large, it droops a bit with just the one snap so I plan to add another one or two for extra security:)

I also tried out some cuffs on the shirt (Land's End clearance!) that really tied the whole thing together:)



For the skirt, I attached 2 sides (right sides together) with a straight stitch and then zigzagged the edges (upper right pic). I ran a small zigzag along the bottom edge of the skirt 'tube', turned under and then hemmed with a straight stitch (upper left pic). 

NOTE: I like to add a second line of stitching at the base to give better weight.

For the waist, I did another zigzag along the edge, turned under and sewed along with a straight stitch, leaving a gap to insert the elastic.  Feed through with a safety pin, sew ends together (be sure to reinforce this!) and then sew closed 'the gap'.  Instant ruching- love elastic waists & Livy loved all the free movement!

Every ensemble should have a matching hair accessory:)
Hair bow ingredients: hemmed fabric circle (gathered in the center with a basting stitch), hair clip, threaded button, felt circle and a handy dandy hot glue gun!


During a Nutella snack, Livy insisted on trying on her new hair bow and was quite chuffed with it:)
So here it is, minus my model!  Was holding off on posting this, hoping for a great modeling pic, but since I've yet to achieve that, I decided to go ahead and share- will hopefully grab a pic of Livy twirling in this sometime this week...she loves the skirt...just won't stand still in it!

Still toying with adding some rick rack to the bottom of the skirt...what do you think???

Let me know if you have any questions- I realize I kept the instructions brief:)  Great beginners project- no pattern needed and minimal measuring of wiggly children:)

Corduroy fabric (Hobby Lobby): $3.60
Elastic/buttons/hair clip/snaps: $1
T-shirt (Land's End): $4.99
TOTAL: $9.59

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  1. This is absolutely darling. Love it! I would add the rickrack:)