Monday, October 22, 2012

Squeaky Clean Dishes- Part 2

 So, here at the "Ricardo's" we've been using my homemade dishwasher detergent for the past 2 months and love it, with just one minor gripe- the silverware isn't sparkly.  When using Cascade & Finish, the silverware was looking mottled & gray so I figured, big deal when they weren't shiny with my homemade stuff. 


However, I sat down and did a little research about how to remedy this.  The answer- more acid.  It would appear that silverware need more acid (in our case, citric acid) to produce more shine.

I was making up a new batch this past week and decided to up the original amount of citric acid at 3 tbsp to 5 tbsp (what I had on hand) & see what happened...the first few washes seemed marginally better but after a week, I've noticed the cutlery looking consistently better so I'm sold!

I might try 6 tbsp in the next batch so it's a simple 'doubling' of the original amount...

  • With more acid in your detergent, it clumps more easily.  Try leaving it out (open) for a day or so and stir a few times- much of the extra moisture is evaporated this way.
  • Avoid spilling powdered detergent directly on the cutlery before running the dishwasher- evidently a reaction takes place to dull the silverware.  This was news to me....

And last but not least, I discovered that the distilled vinegar is not compatible with the rinse port- the plastic parts within can wear out more quickly.  Solution?  Place some vinegar in a small container on the top rack and let it do it's job, uninhibited:)  I've been doing this all week and I feel my glasses are looking even better!

Hope these tips help you maintain squeaky clean dishes, while going green!


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