Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Cash Only"

So this week, hubby & I had another "battle of the budget" chat and for the 1st time are moving to a "cash only" system.  Long story short, things have always been tight, but as we've learned, they can usually get tighter:)  Groceries are an obvious place to adjust and since I love to cook and the Ricardos love to eat, we find ourselves contemplating a new system...  So as of next week, just like Lucy, I'll be given my 'housing allowance' and won't have the option of dipping into any 'club treasury' for help!

I'm quite excited about this challenge as I've been wanting to mimic Lucy in this area (I'm a true 'Lucy' purist, people!) and I actually like the idea of a firm boundary line...we'll see if I'm liking it a month from now! Historically, Lucy would be buying a hat with all the money she saved but I plan to enrich my crafting stash or buy something for my little Ms...if I have anything left!

You see, in our home, I do the cooking.  Period.  And I love it:)  I love the creative challenge and as Sweetstamper says, "There are more things to try than time".  It's not that 'Ricky' can't cook, it's just that I don't fancy having 5 lbs of rice cooked every time he greets the cooker!  However, if you do ever need a pile of fluffy Basmati rice, you know who to call:)

I'm determined to make this "cash only" budget work and one of the ways is to NOT allow 'Ricky' anywhere near the kitchen...or the rice:)

Look forward to sharing tips for success!


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