Saturday, October 20, 2012

Craving Chinese

See Lucy's look of excitement?  That's how everyone in my family feels about good Chinese food!  My Dad birthed a love for Chinese food in all of his children and if our spouses weren't in love with all things smothered in hoisin before we met them, they have quickly become so:)

Our favorite family Chinese restaurant closed several years ago (still shedding silent tears...)- the best tofu I've ever had, fried rice, baby bok choy, hunan vegetables, orange beef..."Ahhh!  My baby, my baby!"

Since then we've scouted out several places, but none to match the caliber & excellence we experienced at Wah Kee....

I was driving down Fredericksburg Road the other day and noticed, again, a small sign stating: 'Lai Wah'.  I like to see actual Chinese characters on Chinese eatery signs (better chance of authentic food choices) so I was delighted to see the name in Chinese too!

After reading lots of great reviews, I mentioned to my Dad that 'Ricky' & I planned to check out Lai Wah & he might be interested too.  Crispy Beef, a yummy & rare specialty is listed on the menu so that will be my choice when we go!

And then today, I received a text that my dear Dad was picking up an order of Mongolian Pork from none other than Lai Wah!  I told you- my Dad is a serious Chinese food aficionado:)  In fact, we were just musing that few sights are as comforting as seeing a leftover Chinese takeout container in the fridge:)

So if you're in the mood, check out this little 'hole in the wall' Chinese place & let me know what you think- hoping to get over in the next few weeks to cast my vote!



  1. I am glad that you found a good place!

    On FB I mentioned that we expect to be in CA for a while, and there are a ton of food choices in the Bay Area. We found a good Chinese take out place nearby. There is another Chinese restaurant down the street that I want to try, but it is always packed. That is probably is sign that it is good!

  2. Packed place= good food! Glad you're finding your own Chinese 'oasis'! Scrapped with Sharis tonight & you were missed:) Hugs to Alex!