Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY Maternity Dress Dye

I'm on a bit of a roll sharing my maternity dress makeovers with just 6 weeks left until "D Day"- better late than never, right?!

So I picked up a sun dress of sorts (non maternity) at Goodwill that was "chewing gum white" and looked prime for some RIT dye:)  I took my thrifted garment & plunged it into the sink with some "pearl gray" dye- don't forget to add the salt to your dye bath & follow ALL instructions!

Here it is wet after washing.
  And since I started with "white" the transformation took less than 10 minutes:)

Once dry, it lightened to "pearl gray" and since the polka dots were screen printed vs woven, they stayed white:)

The top of the dress included some shirring and a drawstring closure- I always wear a cropped cardi with it due to the spaghetti straps.

More shirring at the waist and then a full skirt, allowing lots of room for Baby M to grow...

...a perfect design, despite not being maternity wear:)

I've worn this a lot, had no trouble with fading & get continual compliments- so glad I took the trouble to "re-do" it:)

Thrifted Dress: $5.99
RIT dye: $1.76
TOTAL: $7.75

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