Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY Maternity Dress Alterartion

During an earlier visit to Goodwill, I thrifted a Motherhood dress, psyched to find proper maternity wear- the fit was ok except that the neckline was really wide and bugged me, requiring additional undergarments which still didn't work well:/

Sorry for the lack of a full length photo- couldn't manage it on my own:/

And then I came across an old black tank top with lace trim that I wore occasionally in college...a very long time ago.

Just imagine the neckline without the lace:/

I simply cut around the neckline of the tank, pinned to the dress and sewed on with my handy dandy stretch needle along the existing hem- I didn't know if this would work, hence the lack of pictures:/

The lace looks like it's always been part of the dress and now makes the neckline modest without needing additional garments...just a chunky necklace!

Thrifted Maternity dress: $5.99
Lace Tank top: free
TOTAL: <$6

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