Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anchors Away!

Happy Patriot Day!  During our recent Labor Day jaunt to Kid to Kid, I picked up a basic black & gray long sleeved T-shirt ($2) for Jonah in hopes of adding some applique- I've been dying to try some applique so here's my first effort.

I spent all of 2 minutes googling my desired applique template, printed it out with my handy dandy printer and cut it out:

Then I pinned the template to some red felt that I snagged from Sweet Stamper (handy dandy Mother!) and cut out- this was accomplished with my eyes half closed as the kids ate breakfast, so imagine my surprise when I saw that it looked decent!

Next I top stitched the anchor with some doubled black thread- I didn't use any fusible stuff as it's a smallish piece, wasn't going to experience a lot of wear/washing and the felt naturally 'sticks' to the jersey:)

My stitching was a bit messy ensuring that Jonah's shirt would have that 'homemade' feel- Olivia had commandeered one of my arms to snuggle with while I was trying to stitch:)

 Next I found these cute metal buttons at Hobby Lobby (for a whopping $1.35)- they came in a 3 pack so I opted to just use all three:)

Here is Jonah's completed 'Anchors Away' T-shirt; I love how it turned out, especially as this was my 1st try with applique!  My top button shifted a bit while stitching but oh well...I'm learning to embrace the imperfections of my efforts to actually get things accomplished:)

And Jonah loves posing for pictures in his new 'designer' T-shirt, just like the 'Cuban Ham':)

Let me know if you have any questions & stay tuned for more applique:)


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