Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"In the Morning?"

Lucy & I have much in common and for an extended time we both sported the same enthusiasm for early mornings...none.  However, approx 2 weeks ago, 'Ricky' & I made a drastic change to our sleep routines with the kids: we subtracted Olivia's nap from the equation.  Result: both Livy & Jonah now go to bed at 6pm!  It's amazing, in fact we're still pinching ourselves:)

Mornings (starting much earlier) are now spent taking walks with Ladybug, running errands and playing vs moping around and desperately counting down the hours till nap time! 

Here Livy is dancing around in some of her new winter wardrobe- she can't wait for the weather to cool a bit more so she can wear her "no man" top:)  She insisted on wearing it out a few days ago and then declared she was "haw" while trying to pull her sleeves up!

And not only are the kids doing tremendously well (Jonah now naps once vs twice since he's a "big boy") with this new routine, but so is Mama!  I have more energy and 'Ricky" & I have had more meaningful time to reconnect over the past 2 weeks than we've had for the past...year?  Yeah....

So by daring to try something new (and I was convinced this wouldn't work!) we're now happier than ever & no longer dread early mornings; in fact, our days start at 6am and that suits everyone just fine:)

Happy Wednesday:)


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  1. I am glad to hear that this is working so well! The drop to one nap or no nap can be such an adjustment for everyone in the family.