Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"I'm On My Way To Cuba..."

Music is a universal language, transcending dialects & cultures and reaches every living being- I'm positive that even my one house plant perks up when hearing the 'I Love Lucy' intro:)

Livy & Jonah are no exception.  Jonah enthusiastically claps when he here's 'Lucy' come on or the 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' theme and Livy has always responded to hearing Ricky sing 'Babalu' & every other musical number in 'I Love Lucy' for that matter:)  I love to see their faces light up when we sing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' & 'The Wheels on the Bus'- recently we haven't even utilized the radio in the car as I've been the chosen station, rehearsing as many songs as I can muster while keeping up with Livy's requests:)

Over the past couple of weeks, 'Ricky' & I have purposed to improve some lax sleeping patterns (with Livy, primarily) and pulled out the 'sleepy' CDs again in an effort to produce as many lulling sounds as possible.  I'm so pleased that after the first week, we could already see the positive results from this simple addition...more sleep= happy parents:)

Just as age appropriate, positive music brings welcome effects, the same can be said for 'angry' music resulting in frustrated and chaotic behavior.  I'm extremely strict (ok, maybe insanely strict!) about what we allow the kids to watch & listen too, hence why we encourage happy, restful, fun and soothing melodies (kids love the Baby Genius CDs at present)- there's enough drama in the gene pool without needing to add more!

Take a moment to check what kind of energy is being broadcasted in your space this may not revel in singing an Elmo song but purpose to ensure that peace is invading your space vs unrest.  No matter the age, everyone near you will be appreciative:)

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