Thursday, September 13, 2012

"That's No 'Scuse'!"

"That's No 'Scuse'!" of Ricky's most recurrent responses to Lucy and one that is repeated in abundance here at the 'Ricardo's' house:)

During a weekly jaunt to the grocery store with the kids last week, I pulled into a check out lane and began the task of keeping the kids from 'hepping' too much (aka tossing products onto the conveyor belt!), squabbling with each other and organizing how I wanted things to be rung up (yes, there is a "right" way!).  I realized that a film was being shown on a mini flat screen across the main aisle, directly behind us.  Olivia quickly noticed and swiveled around in an effort to see what she was missing.  'Pirates of the Caribbean' was playing and I immediately told Olivia to turn around and sit still- I didn't want the images & language of this flick to defile the eyes & ears of my little M's and was mentally fussing about this being played at 10 o'clock in the morning on a weekday.  I then realized how easily we can take for granted the safe environment that we create (in our homes) for our children- hubby & I have had many chin wags and adjusted much (and continue to!) in an effort to provide a safe & secure environment in our home for Livy & Jonah.

You see, I'm a bit strict.  And I have no problems with being referred to as a "strict' parent- our kids are SO worth mine & 'Ricky's' "extreme" efforts in ensuring that they're safe, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally & spiritually too.  Do I want our children to be raised in a sterile bubble?  Of course not.  However, I feel very strongly about the incredible responsibility we as parents have towards our children in guarding them from inappropriate...everything!

Most know that I'm a "cable nazi"- we have no cable & no desire to get any & yes, I said we, as hubby is 100% with me on this (though, not initially!)!  It's not that I have a problem with cable, per se (Downton Abbey....sigh) but rather that I don't want the added cost & responsibility of having to constantly monitor what our little M's are viewing.  This works for us- it may not for you & that's fine.  Hubby & I have discovered that we're far more productive without cable (HGTV...sigh) and bask in knowing that as we switch on DVDs & movies that 'clear customs' the kids are kept safe from unwanted media exposure.  I never have to wonder if a rough night in the sleep dept was caused by something they had watched a few hours prior to bed- that gives me great peace of mind which is priceless in my estimation:)

This applies to the radio too.  As the kids & I made our way to Gramma's house this morning, I switched on KPAC, our local classical music station (usual practice of mine)- I was grinning as Livy began to vocally impersonate the orchestra in her attempts to sing with them:)  That did my heart good:)  Classical music is proven to improve health in plants (so just imagine what it's doing for my little M's immune systems!), reading comprehension & memorization retention, just to name a few!  Do we only listen to classical music?  Of course not ("Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog...") but I purpose to switch it on consistently.

'Ricky' & I have committed to guard our little M's (that means monitoring what we say, watch, do etc...prayers's a constant journey!) and provide a safe & secure environment for them in our home (The 'Godfather' is not allowed to be aired in our home anymore...unless it's on the back porch when they're asleep!). We want Livy & Jonah to cherish the innocence and beauty that comes with youth for as long as possible- after all, we're old for a long time and only young for a short while:)

So, where do you rank on the strict scale?  I was raised by 'strict' parents & am so thankful, hence why 'Ricky' & I journey down this road, continuing to adjust things as the kids grow & change- it's important to me that we limit any potential regrets as much as possible, knowing that we did our best:)  There's just "No 'Scuse'!" not to...

...and if you don't agree, Livy might swing her golf club near your head to convince you, in a loving way:)


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