Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lobbying for Hobby Lobby

Several months ago, I made a decision to take my occasional business from the 'M' store (Michaels) and transfer it to Hobby Lobby.

I wasn't horribly displeased with the 'M' store but most of my crafting needs are met through Sweet Stamper (totally spoiled with Stampin' Up! quality!) and now that I've delved into the sewing world, the 'M' store just doesn't fit my needs.

I also can't say that I've ever experienced any extraordinary customer service at the 'M' store and really dislike not being able to check for supplies on their website- as a Mom hauling 2 toddlers, I need to know that a trip to a store is going to play out well & not being able to check supplies really chaps me, especially in this computer era...

Hence why I found myself looking at the Hobbly Lobby website.  I can shop from home and have it shipped (including fabric!), see all their products, and they have fantastic sales.  Their 40% off coupons can be used once a day, each day of the week for the respective sale dates, meaning I could go everyday & save 40% off!  My favorite location in SA is the store at Bitters/West Ave as I'm always met by faces wreathed in smiles and employees bouncing everywhere, anticipating questions and ready with answers and a friendly attitude:)

The biggest reason I've transferred my business though is that they're a Christian, faith based company.  Hubby & I have determined to be more intentional with who we support and this is a company that has earned our business.  Not only do I need many of their crafting/sewing products, not only do I save lots of $$$, but I'm supporting a company that shares my values & faith.

And if that wasn't enough, I just read how Hobby Lobby (and other companies) are standing up for their beliefs:

"The arts-and-crafts supply retailing giant Hobby Lobby on Wednesday joined dozens of other employers suing the Obama administration over a mandate forcing them to offer contraceptives and potential abortion-inducing drugs in employee insurance plans.
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The government gave secular businesses until Aug. 1 of this year to begin offering that insurance when their next enrollment period begins. Faith-based groups, such as Catholic hospitals, universities and nonprofit ministries, must comply by August 2013.
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Hobby Lobby CEO and Founder David Green, who is a Christian, said he cannot abandon his religious beliefs to comply with the mandate."

I'm proud to support Hobby Lobby & I challenge you to give them a chance at earning your business too!  The kids & I are heading there today, coupon in hand so we might just bump into you!
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