Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Outdoor Artist Desk

While going for a neighborhood walk with my little M's and Ladybug aka "Wa Wa" a few weeks back, I spotted an unwanted diaper changing table.  So, I hustled everyone back to the house, loaded the kids in the car and zoomed all of fifty feet away to maneuver said piece into the back of my car while praying no one would witness my enthusiastic capture!

The table was in good condition so I was a bit surprised that it was set out with the rubbish, but you know how the saying goes, "One man's trash...". 

Later that night 'Ricky' arrived home and didn't even bat an eye that I had another piece of 'reclaimed' furniture cluttering our garage and politely asked, "What is that 'thin'?"  I airily responded, "I'm going to make something for the was free!" if that piece of info was more than enough explanation!

And so the reclaimed diaper changing table has been hibernating in the garage for the past month...  I had thought to make it into a desk for Livy's room but then would need to find a chair...another project (cringe)...and so today, I spontaneously decided that it would make a fabulous outdoor artist desk where Livy could stand for the time being, a position she prefers when wielding her art supplies:)

Granddaddy came by today and graciously whacked off the legs to an appropriate height with my newly acquired, 'handy dandy jigsaw' while I corralled Livy from "hepping" too much; she's using the tape measure here:)

Aahhh, the mesmerizing lull of power tools...

Having just woken from a nap, Jonah happily observed from his swing...

...while Olivia tested out her new outdoor artist's desk!  Tip: Granddaddy did attach the 'bars' to the legs with a good whack for added support and I have plans for the neglected shelf...think chalkboard paint:)

Did I mention that this was FREE?!!!  A successful reclaim added to my growing repertoire of DIY (+Granddaddy!) projects:)

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