Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Brewmaster

Today I'm sharing the next installment of 'Granary' themed handmade gifts: Beer Cap Magnets

 You see, my youngest brother is the 'Brewmaster' of The Granary, brewing 4 house made craft beers as well as authentic root beer- it's really brewed from roots!  So, I hatched a plan to incorporate beer caps into my Christmas hampers and enlisted the help of Alex's wonderful wife, Leah- she began saving and I began planning...


These were quite fun!


I started with a dab of liquid nails (had it on hand) on large magnets (craft store) and positioned on the back of the caps (hot glue & E6000 have been noted as adhesive alternatives) and then allow to dry...for a long time...overnight.

And then I did something that I hadn't seen elsewhere- I added my cardboard spacers (there's a slight difference in height between the magnet and beer cap, thus the need for a spacer) to the back of the magnet vs in between the magnet and cap.  I found the magnet was leaving marks on my fridge when I tested them so by cutting some thick cardboard circles from the Big Shot and adhering those to the magnet backs, my fridge was protected and the magnets worked like a charm!

I also made some wine cork magnets (sorry, no pic...was in such a hurry to finish these!) using magnet sheets and my handy dandy hot glue gun- they came out really well too:)

Thanks for looking & stay tuned for more handmade gifts tomorrow!

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