Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Be Sweet to That Boo Boo

On March 22, 1954, "Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation" aired for the first time. During this hilarious "I Love Lucy" episode, Lucy is doused with all manner of substances on the 'Freddy Fillmore Show' in efforts to win passage to Hawaii.

"Lucy" episodes are often running while I'm in the kitchen, running around with laundry etc... but I always stop what I'm doing to see Lucy frantically tell Ricky, "Not that. Not that...awwww" as honey is poured all over her:) Olivia busts out laughing too which makes it doubly fun:)

So with the vision of Lucy covered in honey (as well as coffee, pie etc...), I've often wondered how the TV staff got all that honey out of Lucille Ball's hair??? Well, maybe they didn't need to.

I've recently been discovering the MANY health benefits to honey- at this time, let me state that the clear golden goodness seen on most supermarket shelves is not what I'm referring to at present, unfortunately:(

I saw that raw, unrefined (& preferably unfiltered) honey is a phenomenal medicinal tool used for cuts, scrapes, burns etc... as well as for treating seasonal allergies. There's also a great post on using honey as a facial cleanser (on my list of things to try!).

LinkSo for my initial search I located a local (2 hrs away is local in Texas!) farmer at the Pearl Farmer's Market that provided me with a lovely little jar of raw honey- be sure to ascertain whether it's been heated to where the 'healing goodness' is lost! Avoid those choices for medicinal uses but enjoy in granola:)

After working on my DIY wine rack, my hands were sporting war wounds so I grabbed my little honey pot and dug in, coating my boo boo with sweet goodnes- the hardest part is not licking the honey right off! The stinging subsided and I found after another application (dishes & laundry don't clean themselves!) my little boo boo was healing- I'll spare you any TMI pics of my battle wounds.

My pot of honey was a bit dear in price but works out to be cheaper per ounce than Neosporin and is all natural:) This particular jar had been filtered so I'm still looking for something to fit that specification but 2 out of 3 worked in a pinch and it's proving its worth on my finger even now:)

What are you using honey for these days?

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