Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wise Words From Minnie Finch

The 'I Love Lucy' episode, 'Fan Magazine Interview' aired 58 years ago and hasn't grown stale a bit- it's a real favorite:) And one of the most memorable scenes includes, 'Minnie Finch' telling Lucy that she has a date with Ricky "and why".

Well, Olivia loves her dates with 'Ricky' too and happily waves, never looking back as she utters, "Bye Bye, Nonah...Bye Bye, Mama" while exiting the house. We're grateful that separation anxiety has not been an issue with Olivia since sleep continues to be! Can't have it all, I guess....

One of Olivia's favorite outings with Daddy includes class at Gymboree Play & Music (for a little while longer) followed by a trip to Costco where a giant "haw daw" is waiting- such simple pleasures:) And here is the reward hubby receives:

In the famous words of Minnie Finch, "When I kiss 'em, they stay kissed!"


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