Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mrs Bigsby

Last week hubby joined the kids and I for an outing to McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels- it's fabulous and very well maintained

They've recently added some great exhibits to the outdoor area including:

The new 'Luckey Climber', at almost 30 feet tall, kids & adults can climb through a maze of giant petals on their way to the top!

Also, the outdoor "Imagination Playground' where kids can create using giant foam Tinker Toy elements.

Inside the museum there is plenty to keep little ones busy with a hospital, grocery store, bank, camp ground, 'Grandma's Attic' and much more, including the space exhibits which are fantastic with lights that respond to music!

While Jonah & I camped out in the enclosed toddler area, I noticed a family enter with 5 kids and thought, "You guys deserve medals"!

Eventually we found ourselves next to this courageous family and I couldn't help starting up a conversation with the Mom. I learned that she & her husband had a 5 yr old, 3 yr old, almost 2 yr old and 3 month twins- all boys! On top of that she had made blankets for the twins and I'm guessing other pieces as we got talking about fabric/sewing. I was so inspired!

At this point I chanced to glimpse hubby's long suffering look of "She's at it again"...chatting with strangers as if they're best friends and remembered "Mrs Bigsby"...

...the chatty passenger seated next to Lucy on their plane ride returning from Europe. Lucy is attempting to smuggle a giant piece of cheese (due to Ricky's refusal to pay its passage) and dresses the cheese as a baby. Mrs. Bigsby, unaware of Lucy's scheme, annoyingly tries to make conversation with Lucy, ignoring Lucy's attempts to snub her. When Mrs. Bigsby asks what the baby's name is, Lucy replies, "Cheddar, er...Chester"!

Hubby seemed convinced that I was acting like "Mrs Bigsby":) Since the brave Mom of 5 clearly wasn't smuggling a 25 pound hunk of Italian cheese, I think our chatting was fine:)

Do you chat with people standing in line with you at the grocery store? With fellow patients in doctor's offices? You could be "Mrs. Bigsby"!


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  1. I have some of my best conversations with strangers! I figure if they are where I am, we have at least something in common:)