Friday, July 20, 2012


Here at the Ricardo's we've been battling allergies/summer colds with hubby & kids for the past week- no fun. What else does it mean? No...(yawn)...sleep. Sometimes you'll sleep anywhere, just to catch a few precious moments of shut eye- Ernie Ford demonstrates above:)

I've found myself waking up in Olivia's bed with her, by myself or sometimes in our bed, alone over the past week. I texted hubby the other morning and said, "I don't where everyone slept, I'm just so glad we did"!

In the past I would be stressing about poor bedtime routines being established and trying to keep everyone's schedules on track, but like I said, I'm so...(yawn)...tired. I'm also learning to relax and not much:)

With family members battling sickies, routines are bound to get jostled, so just make the best of it and enjoy spending some extra time cuddling your little ones and praying over them:) It's so much better than the alternative of making yourself anxious and everyone else too...I personal experience:)

Get some sleep:)

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