Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Song of Freedom

It's an incredible privilege to celebrate this Independence Day in 2012- I'm again reminded of the price to enjoy such freedoms and how grateful I am to the men & women who have given their lives for such.
There's an incredible Irving Berlin song in the film "Holiday Inn", sung by Bing Crosby stating: "I'm singing a song of freedom..." That's what today is all about- honoring those who have sacrificed and rejoicing in these United States that stand in freedom!

No matter where you are, I hope you set some time aside today to celebrate our great freedom with friends & family. In this crucial year, also consider that the many freedoms that have been bought with our countryman's blood, sweat & tears can be forsaken by our choices. Let's ensure that we can still sing a "Song of Freedom" one year from today!

Happy Independence Day!

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