Saturday, July 21, 2012

Handy Dandy Product Review

Confession: I love product reviews, especially when they're done by fellow savvy shoppers and conscientious Moms:) So, here's my 2 cents on a few things we're loving, here at the "Ricardo's".

Melissa & Doug: Cupcake Kit:

We gave this to Olivia for her 2nd birthday but then I promptly put it away in the closet to save for a rainy day. Well, with all the rain lately (which has been fact it's pouring now!), I pulled it out to help maintain some peace one dismal afternoon.

I was trying to feed Jonah and get dinner cooked, so I set Livy up in her room with her new toy and didn't hear a peep from her for 20 mins! That's a long time for Livy. I pooped my head in her room to ensure she was ok and saw this:Link
She was having a blast with her new "ta" aka "cake"...and sunglasses:)

I haven't shown her the markers yet- for now she's enjoying building the cupcakes, changing out the liners, and especially bringing them out to me in their tin with her oven mitt in place and saying "Pry" aka "surprise"! So precious:)

We sing happy birthday and blow out the candles- educational and so much fun.

This has been a great investment & I got it for half off at Toy Zone (love this place!) when they ran a Groupon:)


For those who have never indulged in Nutella, You're missing out on one of the sweetest things on this side of heaven!

Olivia adores having it drizzled over her strawberries (as do hubby & I), thus why we can go through an entire 5 lb clam shell of strawberries every week!

A spoonful of sugar helps!

Boogie Wipes

We love Boogie Wipes! Let's face it- we can't always keep our little ones sniffle free and these make the experience so much easier:) Jonah & Livy have both been using them this week.

We've tried all the 'flavors' and like the Fresh scent the best:) I just saw in HEB last night that they're carrying a travel size container of 12 wipes by the check out- we buy them in bulk at Costco.

Earth's Best Pop Snax:

I recently picked up a new 'puff' for Jonah to give him some variety and he really likes them!

He's currently enjoying the Sweet Potato & Cinnamon- they're bigger than other puffs and I was afraid might be too big, but they're just fine for my "Big O Boy":) Keeps him chewing longer- in the above picture the snax have all disappeared!

Earth's Best is also a sponsor for Sesame Street:)

Stay tuned for more product reviews & enjoy your weekend!



  1. The cupcake set looks awesome! I will keep my eyes out for one for Alex. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sara- Livy adores it & I'm so glad I chose this one after dithering for awhile:) Check for sales on Melissa & Doug toys:)