Sunday, July 8, 2012

Squeaky Clean & Green?

Another chapter in my journey to 'greening' our home:

I've been gathering recipes/info for homemade, all natural, cleaning options- let me just say that everything I've tried thus far, I love!

I was pleased to discover that our current window cleaner was on 'the list'! We've been using the 1:1 ratio of vinegar to water for a window cleaning solution for some time now, so no need to change this- I did read that straight club soda works well too and has no vinegar smell:)

I've switched over to scrubbing/mopping the floors with water + Castile soap (currently using an all natural one I found on clearance at Sprouts and then plan to try Dr. Bronner's). Works really well, no fumes and totally green:) Steam mops are also a great option.

The homemade laundry stain remover I've starting using has been working well for the past few weeks- kids clothes look great:)

Still on my 'to do' list for homemade cleaners was a disinfectant though so I was thrilled to see the following recipe, which I plan to try immediately (love that surfaces don't have to be wiped/rinsed afterwards with this!):

Disinfectant Cleaner:
Fill a 16 oz spray bottle with distilled white vinegar
Add 2-50 drops of Tea Tree, Lavender or Lemon essential oil or a mixture of these totaling no more than 50 drops. (This is optional- if you're wanting a natural fragrance. The vinegar has enough cleaning power on it's own.)

For an all purpose cleaner, check this out (also on my list to try!):

All Purpose/Bathroom Cleaner:
Fill a 16 oz spray bottle mostly full with filtered water
Add 1-2 tbsp liquid Castile soap
Plus 1 tbsp baking powder
And 10-15 drops Lavender essential oil (antibacterial/anti-fungal)
And 20-30 drops Tea Tree essential oil (antibacterial/anti-fungal)

And check this out- no more need to 'pledge':

Dusting Cleaner:
Use a damp microfiber cloth ( found in cleaning aisles at the grocery store) to wipe surfaces.

This can't get much easier and once you start acquiring a few of these supplies you'll be set for ages! I love cleaning our home using all natural products, at a fraction of the cost to use commercial cleaners and knowing that our little angels are not at risk from harsh fumes/toxins etc.... And there's no chemical residue!

Check out more green cleaning recipes using essential oils here!



  1. I can't wait to try some of these cleaners and appreciate you "blazing the trail" for us. I used to "damp dust"--for years. Not sure why I went back to the Endust. But my can is almost gone and I'm heading back to the old-fashioned way. I find that old men's undershirts (the kind that are just a cotton jersey, not the ribbed type)are wonderful for this as the weave is fine. You can get into all sorts of crevices, and the fabric leaves no marks on smooth surfaces.