Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No More Need to 'Shout'!

I've often remarked in the past that I could use a life time supply of Shout stain remover. I've been spot treating non stop since Livy & Jonah started eating solids- sound familiar:)

At the beginning of the year I started what has become a great journey of going 'crunchy' aka 'natural' and one of the biggest things I wanted to change pronto was the laundry/household cleaners. However, I found myself dithering about my Shout- how could I live without it?

So I began searching for homemade/natural stain removers (secretly thinking they wouldn't work) and tried my first round out this morning, finally! ***Note: I've been using Borax & Washing Soda to soak and spot treat for the past month and had good results but it wasn't cutting the super stubborn stuff that needed some extra TLC:)

Here's the recipe:

1 part Dawn (I used Method natural dish detergent, hence the orange hue to my mix)
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
1/2 part Baking Soda

I mixed this up in a 'handy dandy' baby food jar (I recycle as many of these as possible!) and applied with my 'laundry' toothbrush. I allowed my soiled items to rest for an hour and then washed as usual (delicate, cold water). My before/after pics were terrible as my laundry room doesn't have any natural light and I frankly couldn't be bothered to drag soiled clothes to the back patio to take pics while the kids were climbing the walls so you'll have to take my word for it- this stuff works!

I originally saw the recipe here- great blog with lots of other great tips:)

Hope this helps you:)



  1. I need to try this! I got some chocolate ice cream out of Alex's clothes (yay), but there are paint and grass stains that I cannot get out...
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hey Sara- I was working with mostly orange/yellow stains and it worked really well. If after an hour they're not budging, try resting for up to 3 hrs- hopefully this will do the trick. I'm still learning recipes for different kinds of stains:) Thanks for looking:)