Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Handy Dandy Conditioner

The above pic is from a great 'Lucy' episode: 'Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald'. When Ricky develops a phobia about going bald, Lucy resorts to a grueling series of hair treatments in an effort to snap him out of his new found fear...of course it back fires but it made for a hilarious scene:)

I recently discovered that Lucille Ball dabbled as a hairdresser and even had a mini beauty parlor built in their ranch home- she frequently treated friends to permanents and the latest "egg washes".

I'll skip the egg washes but I have been intrigued recently with some all natural hair care regimens- here's what I've started using to replace commercial conditioner:

'Handy Dandy Vinegar'

That's right. Plain ol' distilled white vinegar, although apple cider works well too, just more expensive.

My Mom mentioned that her mother used vinegar as their conditioner when growing up so we're not reinventing the wheel here...just getting back to basics that work...and save money!

The compounds in vinegar will make your hair really shine, I promise & you won't need to use it everyday either!

I recommend experimenting with the ratio of vinegar to water to find what works best for you; 1 tbsp-1/2 cup vinegar per 1 cup water should do the trick nicely! Dedicate a container in your shower to fill with desired amount of vinegar and then fill with 1 cup of water as you shower; apply to hair, let sit for a few seconds (or a minute) and rinse away- easy:)

*While conditioning, you may feel like you're caught in a pickle factory but never fear- once your hair dries, there will be no lingering vinegar smell:)

As a treat, you can substitute 1 cup brewed chamomile tea for the cup of water- your hair will smell lovely and the chamomile will naturally bring out blonde highlights (so only use if you're wanting some blonde).

Ready to join me in ditching those toxic bottles cluttering your shower and try going all natural with this 'Handy Dandy Conditioner'? Your hair & pocket book will thank you:)


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