Friday, June 1, 2012

Buttons & Bows

Tonight, I'm so pleased to share a project that has long been in my head and has finally been completed! With the help of great mentors, Sylvia & my Mom, I was able to fashion this patchwork ruffle and coordinating embellishments, turning a plain white dress into something unique & special for my little girl:)

Olivia was instantly captured by the 'Yoyo' flowers & buttons- just hoping she doesn't succeed in popping them off! (Apologies for poor lighting in these pics- I was in a hurry!)

I received this gorgeous trio of designer print fabrics called 'Flirtatious' from Stampin' Up!, totally free back in the spring. By fashioning a patchwork design, I was able to showcase all 3 designs and it was worth the extra effort.

The main flower on the bodice displays 3 layered 'Yoyo' flowers, joining some gorgeous ruffled Wisteria ribbon that coordinates.

I left the ribbon loose in the back of the dress to form 'apron ties'...sorry there is no pic...couldn't get Olivia to stand still!

For the final touches, I opted to add small individual 'Yoyo' flowers at multiple points along the ruffle- they provided an extra touch of visual interest:)

I'm so excited to have completed this first of many sewing projects to come! I love the thought of tucking something away for Livy's keepsakes that I made by hand, just for her, mistakes in stitching and all:)

Just need to complete her coordinating hair accessories and her outfit is complete- will post a pic of the full ensemble and hopefully a somewhat still Livy:)

I'm gearing up for another great 'Sewing Circle' gathering....this morning, hence why I'm writing at this time:) Interested in joining us? Check out the info here! Come prepared to be inspired!

Thanks for taking a glimpse,



  1. Sweetest dress ever!!!! You did such a beautiful job on this, Tiff!! I can't wait to see what you do for the hair accessory! -Betsy

  2. Thanks, Betsy- it was a blast to make & I'm so thrilled that it came out well, which is pushing me forward to the next project!