Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Shell Frame

The shell frame above is another of my DIY home decor efforts- this one fits the nautical theme in Jonah's room perfectly. I saw a pricey shell frame at Pottery Barn, similar to the one I made, which inspired this piece- I believe my rendition actually fits Jonah's room better than the 'original' and for a fraction of the price:)

I started with an inexpensive white frame, removed the glass and pinned a nice piece of navy linen (from Joann's) to the base of the frame- I did iron it first as it was wrinkled from being on the bolt. I next collected shells- I found these in a set at Big Lots and they were perfect! My 'handy dandy glue gun' went to work attaching these to the linen- I did spend a few minutes prior to attaching, matching the shells to form my design.

Lastly, I cut lengths of lovely 3/8 inch navy taffeta ribbon trimmed with white (from Stampin' Up!) and attached with my 'handy dandy glue gun'. The silver stars are actually jumbo brads (also Stampin' Up!)- I snipped the tails off with scissors and glued in place.

* If you're in a hurry like I was & choose to cut metal tails off jumbo brads with plain ol' scissors, be sure to do so in a contained area or over a container as they will fly once snipped!

Hang & you're done! If you look closely on my frame you can see little bits of glue that leaked around my ribbon (I was desperately trying to complete this with both kids awake and bouncing off the walls!) but that just makes it homemade, as my mother would say, and she's right:)

Your turn! Share your latest DIY home decor project below & thanks for looking:)


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