Friday, June 22, 2012

Is Dinner Ready?

The other night we were to meet friends to hang out- there would be plenty of munchies so I didn't want to do a big meal. So with all the hubbub of kids running wild and trying to accomplish multiple things at once, I looked at the clock and realized, "It's almost 6pm and I'm starving"! What to do in a hurry...
I pulled out some brown rice noodles that I had picked up (on sale, of course!) and saw they only needed 6-8 minutes- perfect.

I next pulled out some baby bok choy (Costco) from the fridge, rinsed and sliced in half- prep done & no an after thought I added a lone red bell pepper too for some color:)

The noodles cooked in a regular saucepan, despite their length- they disappeared into the hot water almost instantly, making room:)

I sauteed the bok choy in a little vegetable + peanut oil in my 'handy dandy' large nonstick skillet- don't know how I ever survived without one of these! I finished off the bok choy (and pepper) by drizzling some soy sauce, rice vinegar and hoisin in the pan, making a delicious glaze- it will reduce quickly from the heat so don't let it bubble too long:) The bok choy were seared to perfection as soon as the noodles were done!

Dinner is ready (and GF) & it took all of 15 minutes! With some shrimp or fish, this would have been a more 'complete' meal but as is was perfect:) Hubby loved it (I never cease to be amazed at what wows him!) and I did too:)

Stir fries are a staple in our home- I use whatever I have on hand and almost always use my soy, rice vinegar & hoisin "go to"glaze...yummy every time!

If you haven't branched into any Asian cooking, you're seriously missing out. Easy and a great way to get in some fresh veggies!



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