Saturday, June 9, 2012

Purpose to Play

Do you make time for spontaneous art with your little ones? I must confess that I often procrastinate getting into artistic pursuits as they seem to be a lot of bother and usually messy.

My good friend, Megan (Kindy Garden) designed a gorgeous print stating, 'Every child is an artist." This reminded me of the importance of setting time aside to encourage those artistic tendencies, despite my reticence in 'messing things up':)

I stumbled upon a big roll of easel art paper and these Crayola 'no drip' paint brushes on clearance at Target...

They're wonderful! Fully washable, non toxic and tidy:) Since we haven't invested in an easel, this is my DIY solution:

Livy Van Gogh paints with the easel paper secured to the front of our fridge with magnets- easy! Great activity to instill coordination too as Livy learns to replace the caps on each paint brush. She's learning to stay on the paper but if/when she misses, the paint wipes off with a wet paper towel...and that goes for the floor, cabinets, herself etc...:)

This is a great activity for when Jonah is napping and I'm trying to keep Livy busy and quiet- I usually cook while she paints, thus still staying involved with her since we're side by side in the kitchen:)

I recently saw a friend beading ziti noodles onto show laces and mentally reminded myself to try this- pretty sure my Mom used to do that with us!

Share your own creative art solutions below!

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