Friday, June 15, 2012

Dinner Date

Hubby & I were privileged to have the opportunity of going to dinner Friday night, sans kids- grandparents rock! This was last minute and impromptu so no major plans had been established- potentially problematic for moi... breathe!

We're pretty hard core on only using groupons/coupons when going out- unfortunately, we didn't have one that we could conveniently use for this spur of the moment dinner date. We knew we needed to not spend much and I had just made a random comment, earlier in the day, that I could "kill some Pei Wei tofu"...plan hatched:)

We haven't been to Pei Wei in a long while (guessing close to a year) and were pleasantly surprised to discover their newish "Low Fare" dining options: approx 8 entree choices offered with a spring roll, soup or Asian slaw for just $6.25-$7.25 (depending on meat choice). The portion is slightly smaller than the regular dinner portion (which is enough for 2!) so we both went for this- Teriyaki Tofu & Veg with brown rice & Asian slaw for me, Low Mein with Steak & spring roll for hubby. We always order water (love Pei Wei's fresh orange slices!) so our bill came to a grand total of $14.07 with tax. That ladies & gentlemen is a cheap Friday dinner date! I can't remember the last time we went out without some sort of a coupon and was thrilled that we were able to 'splurge' so reasonably:) This was a wonderful treat for us:)

I only made it through half of my food (brought the leftovers to a grateful Granddaddy!) and hubby said his portion was just right, eliminating his tendency to overeat and then be miserable:) Score! As a bonus, they've installed the sweetest drink dispenser I've ever seen- worth going just for that...we're pretty low maintenance:)

So, all this to say, prioritize some time for you & your spouse to have a dinner out- it doesn't have to break the bank & it doesn't have to be a big planned production (did I just say that?). Time together (with your spouse ) can often be a precious commodity- enjoy it with some good food:)



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