Thursday, June 7, 2012

For A Friend

Nothing fancy- just plain ol' yummy Pumpkin Bread. I was looking for a sweet that I could make, dairy free, for a friend who is going sans dairy to nurse her brand new little one. I remembered enjoying this in my previous nursing days- there is something so homey and comforting about Pumpkin Bread.

I told my hubby last night that I planned to make some, despite the fact that we're entering summer and not fall- he couldn't care less what season we're enjoying, as long as homemade sweets are a part of it:)

I made some of my batter into mini muffins (never done before) & found Olivia pilfering them off the cooling rack- they're just the right size for those little hands:) She enjoyed several before her nap and I'm sure is currently dreaming of sunshine infused with cinnamon & nutmeg:)

Last night, as we gathered with friends for games & fun, we enjoyed some homemade treats from good friend, Betsy- thanks so much:) I love to do for others and baking is a great way to share thanks & appreciation for those around you.

Make an effort this week to share your love for those nearby (even if they're living in your house!) with something homemade & sweet:) And then get ready for lots of enthusiastic love & cuddles:)


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