Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free Stuff!

Confession: I love free stuff! I just received the above bath toy, FREE, from Pampers!

My hubby often laughs as I ransack the 'gifts to grow' codes off diaper packaging but here you can see the results! Free toy + free shipping= happy Mama:)

I'm amazed at how many companies/businesses offer free rewards programs that are not utilized- I just signed up for a rewards program with Hancock fabrics (since I'll likely be visiting there often!) and I've almost earned a reward with Big Lots (50% off entire purchase) just by scanning their little rewards card each time.

The baby rewards programs are really great since you're bound to go through lots of wipes, formula, diapers etc... yielding more rewards!

Jonah has outgrown his cloth diapers and is thus in disposable and with Livy not quite potty trained I love knowing that I can make my diaper purchase count for more as I scavenge the 'codes' and redeem for free stuff!

Next time you're shopping, take a few minutes to check out any rewards programs on items or in the store- you're sure to be glad that you did:)




  1. I love free stuff too! Sometimes you can find additional Pamers codes online. I have redeemed some of mine in for Shutterfly photo books and have more to use after three years of diapers...

  2. I was planning on redeeming my left over points for free prints through Shutterfly- will have to check online for extra codes! Thanks, Sara!