Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feeling Dauncey?

'I Love Lucy' episode #50 ('Lucy is Enciente'), Lucy explains to Ethel that she's going to see the doctor as she's feeling "dauncy". This is a word that her "grandmother made up for when you're not really sick but you just feel lousy."

LinkSome time ago I discovered that I have a gluten sensitivity. I haven't felt the need to acquire an actual diagnosis of some kind so I simply endeavor to avoid gluten as much as possible and my tummy is thankful:)

I haven't been as diligent in my GF efforts for the past week or so and have been feeling "dauncey" as a result:)

I stumbled upon a great GF blog by accident and thought I would share- I have a list of useful things to try from browsing, like making my own Worcestershire sauce, GF condensed cream soup, GF chex mix etc.... Can't wait!

Wondering what all the hype is about 'GF' aka "gluten free'? It boils down to the small bowel (lovely) not functioning correctly yielding unpleasant side effects such as, bloating, constipation as well as other side effects such as increased moodiness, skin 'issues' and just feeling "dauncey", to name a few:)

***Note this is a very simplified, casual definition so please be sure to consult professional counsel if you feel you might have a gluten intolerance/sensitivity! I've conducted 'tests' of going GF and found that my whole being was much happier (and so was hubby's!), thus why we avoid gluten as much as possible:)

I read an article (can't remember where!) that said 90% of people worldwide have some form of gluten intolerance (ranging from mild adverse symptoms to hard core Celiac disease)- staggering and yet relieving to know that there are so many sharing this journey:) I went a long time not knowing that my body was rebelling against my ignorant abuse of ingesting gluten but after conducting a trial (at least 2 weeks!), was amazed at how good I felt!

Maybe you're unaware of any need to go GF. You might be one of those 10% with no gluten sensitivity or you might not realize, which was the case for myself & hubby. I would encourage you to conduct a GF trial for at least 2 weeks and see what happens. You won't die, I promise!

Here is a list of GF foods- it has every spice, preservative & food known to man listed, so I just search for the questioned ingredient vs scrolling as you'll be there a long time otherwise:)

There's a great GF eatery, right here in San Antonio: Little Aussie Bakery & they have amazing pizza!

And one of our favorite snacks are these babies:

I always carry one in the diaper bag for Livy as she loves them and I know of multiple other toddlers, teens and adults that equally adore them and they have no known GF issues! These bars are just plain yummy! They can be a little pricey (compared to a plain ol granola bar) so we get ours at Costco (great price) and keep in mind that these are packed with vitamins/nutrients so they're almost a meal replacement and GF!

So, I know this was long- if you made it through, thanks & let me know if you have any GF secrets to share:)


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