Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tumeric or Turmeric?

Potato, potato. No matter how you say 'Turmeric', I'm learning that it's a powerhouse of goodness. I've been reading up on some supplements- I should at this point state that I'm TERRIBLE about taking vitamins/supplements and so is hubby. I made it through pre-natals but can't seem to get 3 days in a row with a multi!

Speaking of, hubby & I just started taking Core Daily-1 multivitamins (found on sale at Sprouts). They differentiate for gender (we each have our own, specified for our bodies cause they are different, folks) and are 'whole food based' meaning absorption is much better. They also contain probiotics- score! Mine has ingredients like: "organic cranberry, wild blueberry, tart cherry, strawberry..." which makes me excited about 'eating it':) Hubby's includes: "organic red radish, beets, blackberry, pomegranate..." so he's happy too (important for compliance!).

Back to turmeric though... I read an amazing post here (scroll down past baking soda info) about the MANY health benefits (proven to fight against cancer, relieves pain etc...) of turmeric- be sure to at least take a quick glance. The writer explained that she did a 'trial run' (my kind of woman) to test the results of her taking turmeric daily. She was amazed at multiple things 'feeling better' so I was intrigued. The writer also commented that turmeric is receiving more press of late so it's a bit pricey to buy capsules but since she was conducting a trial she found some that were reasonable- I followed suit and found some at a great price here, of all places!

Hubby & I are about to start our 'trial' and if all goes well (which I anticipate it to!) I'll be looking at filling my own capsules with bulk turmeric to save some cash (another great idea from the post!).

Supplements are one of those things that I know I should be taking but don't discipline myself about- time for change. Hubby & I set out at the beginning of 2012 to be better stewards of...well, everything. Health matters so we're going pro-active.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions- will post our 'trial' results later on:)


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