Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden a Bloom

Tuber Roses
Approx 2 months ago, hubby graciously gave of his time & labor to begin 'wasteland renovation' in our back garden (I can actually say 'garden'!). With the help of our little gnome below, they got to digging, planting & mulching:)

Now, we're enjoying the fruits of their labor:

Mexican Petunias- thanks, Ma!

Pink Roses, (not sure on the variety) another gift from my green mother:)

I now find myself looking at the back garden with a perpetual smile as I see blooms and vines thriving- what a difference a little work has made (pretty sure hubby wouldn't have classified this as a 'little work'!).

Take time to plant something, simply to enjoy- it feeds the soul (and hopefully not the deer!):)



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